Newsletter April 2018

The latest edition of our Newsletter, Redditch Heritage Matters, has just been published. I hope you enjoy its contents. This edition, and all previous Redditch Heritage Matters, are available at the Redditch Local History Society web site via the tab ‘Newsletter’ where you can read it on-line or download it as a pdf by clicking the appropriate icons. (features available varies on browser used)

Next Meeting
Our next meeting on the 14th May 2018 at 2:00pm. As usual it’s at the the Oasis Christian Centre on the corner of Bromsgrove and Plymouth Roads. The talk will be given by Phil Griffiths and in entitled. “English and Local Coinage”.

Contributions to The Newsletter
As always, can I ask for your input to the Newsletter. If you have research material, photographs or memories of old Redditch we would like to share them with our members. Please send electronically if you can but we will type up handwritten documents and scan photographs if needed.

Derek Coombes, Newsletter Editor

RLHS Meeting Report AGM April 9th 2018

Our Annual General Meeting on 9th April 2018 ad good support with 39 members and 9 visitors, of which 2 became members at the end of the meeting.
Following the welcome to the meeting and apologies for absence, the minutes of the April 2017 AGM meeting (which were printed on the back of the agenda) were agreed and approved.

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer gave their reports and the overall view was that Society had continued to expand on its original aims set out at its formation over 8 years ago. The relocation at the OCC has been very successful and a level of membership had continued to rise and is now over 70. This year we again had a wide range of locally themed history talks, we were present at many events and we had an excellent exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum based on our archive collection. Our newsletter, Redditch Heritage Matters, continues to enjoy a wide circulation, and our archives continue to steadily increase.
The Treasurer presented the Statement of Accounts showing our finances are healthy with a positive balance of £805.76. The statement of Accounts, which had been examined independently, were approved by the meeting.
Our website has been completely redesigned from the bottom up. It has around 600 visitors per month of which around a third view the newsletter. Our Facebook page has 987 followers and posts average about 400-500 views. We have 914 Twitter followers. Our web presence is important to spread our activities beyond those who can come to the meetings or live locally.

Data Protection
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018 and enhances individual’s rights on how personal information is used by organisations, businesses or the government. To cover this, we have added extra wording on our membership renewal forms and application forms.

Election of Officers:
Executive Posts
• Chairman – Richard Daw was stepping down from this role and, although he would have preferred a ‘new face’ in the role, Derek Coombes agreed to stand and was elected unopposed.
• Secretary – Anthony Green elected unopposed
• Treasurer – Graham Smith elected unopposed
Non-executive posts:
• Newsletter Editor – Derek Coombes elected unopposed
• Society Archivist – Derek Coombes elected unopposed
• Speakers Organiser – Pete Harris was stepping down and Don Vincent was elected unopposed Website Administrator – Anthony Green elected unopposed

Management Committee
The Management Committee consists of the 3 executive members, Chairman Derek Coombes, Secretary Tony Green and Treasurer Graham Smith, non-executive members (Don Vincent), and member representatives. Elizabeth Simpson, David Spyer and Pete Harris were elected as member representatives.
Accounts Examiner:
Margaret Daw agreed to take on this role as Chris Jackson was stepping down. This was unanimously agreed by the members.

Newsletter Postal Distribution Costs.
Our preferred method for distributing the Monthly Newsletter was by e-mail, as this is virtually zero cost to the Society. However, some members require printed copies and the committee have decided that this could be continued if those requiring this service supplied a book of 12 2nd class stamps to cover postage.

Event Day – May Fayre.
There was a call to members for support at the Headless Cross May Fayre Monday May 7th, 2018

Directly after the AGM there were two presentations.
The first of these was the Paolozzi Mosaics by Philip Roberts. In this fascinating presentation Philip gave us, with the short time available, an introduction to the life of Eduardo Paolozzi and his major artwork in Redditch Kingfisher Centre. We will be having Philip back next year where he will be able to expand on this and give us new information on research he is carrying out on the construction and installation of the mosaics.
This was then followed by Mike Butler who showed a short film of Redditch in the 1960s and then, using images from his extensive range of pictures of Regent Motor coaches and drivers, gave a ‘taster’ of the talk which he is giving next year on Regent Motorways.

The presentation was followed by a break with Tea and biscuits available (50p donation appreciated) to allow collection of membership subscriptions for 2018/19.

Our next meeting is on the 14th May at 2.00 p.m. at the Oasis Christian Centre. The talk is by Phil Griffiths and is entitled ‘English and Local Coinage’.

Anthony Green – Secretary 12th April 2018

Redditch Local History Society Website Redesign

I have completely redesigned the Redditch Local History Society website from the bottom up.

The major changes are:

The major functions of the site can be found on the top menu.

There is a new update tab which mirrors the posts which are on Facebook.

The site is designed both for standard and small screens, so that, when using a smartphone, the site automatically changes to a version suitable for small screens.

The site gives direct links to our newsletter, archives, meetings programme, updates and more.

The style is designed to be clean and easy to read.

Please let me know if you have any problems.

Anthony Green, Secretary,

Latest edition of the Alcester and District History Society newsletter

The latest edition of the Alcester and District newsletter is now available. It is a pdf file which can be downloaded at

The Alcester and District Local History Society strives to discover and record the rich and varied past of Alcester and meets every month with a guest speaker giving a presentation of  local or national historical interest.

Advance notice of Annual General Meeting

Our next meeting on the 9th April 2018 at 2:00pm and is our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This is probably the most important meeting of the year as it is here we have the elections for the members who organise and run the Society. So, if you would like to have a say in how the RLHS is run, and what we do, please stand for election to the Management Committee. The positions of Chairman and Speaker Organiser are becoming vacant, and we would welcome fresh faces with fresh ideas to the team.

After the AGM there will be two talks, the first on the Paolozzi Mosaics by Philp Roberts and the second by Mike Butler who will be showing and commentating on a film about old Redditch.
This is followed by an extended refreshment break to allow collection of membership subscriptions for 201/19.
Non-members are welcome to our meetings and will be charged £3 entrance which is refundable against the membership fee if joining on the day.
Membership currently costs £15 per year per member (£7.50 if joining after October) and runs from the April 2018 AGM to the end of March 2019.