Newsletter May 2018

The latest edition of our Newsletter, Redditch Heritage Matters, has just been published. I hope you enjoy its contents. This edition, and all previous Redditch Heritage Matters, are available on this website by clicking on the ‘Newsletter’ tab, where you can read it on-line or download it as a pdf by clicking the appropriate icons. (features available varies on browser used)
May Fayre
I did not have space in the Newsletter to thank those who helped put up and run the RLHS stand at the recent May Fayre on Headless Cross Green, so thank you all. Thanks also to the members who visited the stand during the day and to those who did not make it, sorry you missed a great event. Hopefully we will see you at the Apple Day in October.
Subscriptions & Data Protection
2018-2019 subscriptions are now due. As we have mentioned, new GDPR data protection legislation means we must be stricter about managing your personal data. Therefore, if you have not re-joined the society by the meeting on the 9th July your details will be deleted from this mailing list. But all is not lost, you can re-join at any time and be added on again.
Next Meeting
Our next meeting on the 11th June at 2:00pm. As usual it’s at the Oasis Christian Centre on the corner of Bromsgrove and Plymouth Roads. The talk will be given by Ron Galivan and is entitled. “The Home Guard in Redditch”.
Contributions to The Newsletter
As always, can I ask for your input to the Newsletter. If you have research material, photographs or memories of old Redditch we would like to share them with our members. Please send electronically if you can but we will type up handwritten documents and scan photographs if needed.

Derek Coombes, Newsletter Editor

Meeting held on Monday 14th May 2018

For our Meeting held on Monday 14th May 2018 at the Oasis Christian Centre, Plymouth Road, we had an attendance of 37 members and 4 visitors, giving an adudience for the event of 41.
Today’s talk was ‘English and Local Coinage’ and was given by Phil Griffiths. In this fascinating talk, Phil, using his extensive knowledge of the subject, gave us a wide-ranging overview of the history of coinage.
The first appearance of coins (or tokens) was around 3,000 years ago when the Greeks found that they needed something better than a barter system for trading across the Mediterranean.The first coins used in Britain were imported from the Celtic tribes in Northern France and by about 55 B.C. various tribes of Britons were producing gold and silver Staters. The Romans arrival in 43 A.D. brought Roman coinage to Britain which took over from the Celtic staters.
The longest lived coin in England was the Silver Penny introduced by Offa (757-796) which was cut in halves and quarters for smaller values. The first gold coin was the Noble introduced by Henry VI. However, over the following centuries the quantity of gold and silver decreased and the quality of production varied significantly.
Until the 19th Century coins were hand made using simple tools and presses but a major breakthrough was when Boulton and Watt developed a steam powered press and in 1816 coin production was centraslised at the new Royal Mint at Tower Hill. This was the beginning of modern coinage as we know it. In 1968 the Royal Mint moved to Llantrisant in Wales and, today, all coins are made from plated steel and contain no precious metals.
This was a fascinating talk which was much appreciated by the audience.
The talk was followed by tea/coffee and biscuits in the adjoining room.
The next Meeting of the Society will take place at the Oasis Christian Centre, Plymouth Road on the Monday June 11th at 2.00 pm and the talk at the meeting will be ‘The Home Guard in Redditch’ and is given by Ron Gallivan.

Anthony Green – Secretary 16 May 2018

Next Meeting May 14th….

Our next meeting is on Monday May 14th and begins at 2.00 pm, lasting for approximately 2 hours. The meeting begins with Society notices followed by the May presentation ‘English and Local Coinage’ by Phil Griffiths. This is followed by refreshments and Society business, event and project news.
The venue for all our meetings is the Oasis Christian Centre, 4 Plymouth Road, Redditch, B974QB (on the corner of Plymouth Road/Bromsgrove Road).
Our 2018 speaker programme is available for download from the website and a printed version is available at our meetings and various outlets.
Non-members are welcome to our meetings and will be charged £3 entrance which is refundable against the membership fee if joining on the day.
Membership is only £15 per year per member (£7.50 if joining after October) and that covers entry to all our monthly meetings, including the December Christmas Social.
Membership runs from the April AGM to the end of March.