Newsletter June 2018

The latest edition of our Newsletter, Redditch Heritage Matters, has just been published. I hope you enjoy its contents. This edition, and all previous Redditch Heritage Matters, are available at the  Newsletter link on the Redditch History Society website where you can read it on-line or download it as a pdf by clicking the appropriate icons.

Band Stand Event

On Saturday 16th June there is a Victorian Themed Band Stand Event on Church Green from 12:00 ‘til 16:00. Lots of activities going on including a Brass Band, Singers and a Circus Themed display. The Society does not have a stand there, but we hope as many members as possible will support the event.

Beoley Fete, St. Leonard’s Church

On Saturday July 7th it is the Beoley Fete at St. Leonard’s Church from 1.30 – 4:30. You can park at the Village Hall and there is a free minibus back and for to the Church. Tony will be there promoting the RLHS there and I’ll be there with details of the Moons Moat restoration project. Again, please support these local events.

Subscriptions & Data Protection

The new GDPR data protection legislation means we must be stricter about managing your personal data.  Therefore, if you do not re-join the society by the meeting on the 9th July this will be the last Newsletter notification you receive, and your details will be deleted from this mailing list. But all is not lost, you can re-join at any time and be added on again.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on the 9th July 2018 at 2:00pm. As usual it’s at the Oasis Christian Centre on the corner of Bromsgrove and Plymouth Roads. At this meeting we will be showing a film about Redditch Local History.

Contributions to The Newsletter

The contributions barrel for the Newsletter is once again looking very dry.  If you have research material, photographs or memories of old Redditch we would like to share them with our members. Please send electronically if you can but we will type up handwritten documents and scan photographs if needed.


Derek Coombes, Newsletter Editor, Redditch Local History Society

Meeting held on Monday 11th June 2018

For our meeting held on Monday 11th June 2018  at the Oasis Christian Centre, Plymouth Roadmeeting we had an attendance of 44 members and 2 visitors, giving an adudience for the event of 46.

Today’s talk was ‘‘The Home Guard in Redditch’ and was given by Ron Gallivan, Chairman of the Redditch Military History Society who gave a very well researched overview of this important period in out history.

He began by describing the period leading up to WW2, particularly the use of ‘Blitzkrieg’ in Spain and how, contrary to the general view, the UK was actually preparing for WW2  from 1937.

In Blitzkrieg, the German Stuka bombers of the Luftwaffa began the attack and this was followed by the Panzer tank divisions storming through the countryside. This was used successfully throughout Europe at the beginning of WW2 and led to the evacuation of British troups at Dunkirk. During this period we lost many aircraft, soldiers and weapons.

As we were then isolated and had to be prepared for invasion it was necessary to create a civilian army and in May 1940 the LDV (Local Defence Volunteers) was formed. This was made up of volunteers aged 17 to 65 who were too young or too old to join the services, or those in reserved occupations. In 24 hours 250,000 joined, in 1 week half a million and finally 1.5 million. In June 1940 Winston Churchill changed the name to the Home Guard.

As time went by the Home Guard became more organised and better armed and a strategic defence system was created for the UK. The Home Guard were there to defend their own area and were not deployed elsewhere. They supported regular troups in many activities such as manning anti-aircraft guns and were an important part in our war effort.

There was much more covered in this fascinating talk and it was much appreciated by the audience.

The talk was followed by tea/coffee and biscuits in the adjoining room.

  • Saturday 7th July is the Beoley Church Fete – Tony will have a presentation promoting the Society and Derek will have a display representing Moons Moat and the new work being done. This is always a well-attended event and, of course, we will be very pleased to see visitors!
  • We need to start thinking about what we should do regarding an exhibition at Forge Mill in 2019. Members were asked to give some thought to this.

The next meeting is on Monday July 9th beginning at 2.00 p.m. and is at the Oasis Christian Centre. The presentation is a Redditch Area Film Show which will be given by Derek Coombes.

Anthony Green – Secretary