Newsletter November 2018

The latest edition of our Newsletter, Redditch Heritage Matters, has just been published. I hope you enjoy its contents. This edition, and all previous Redditch Heritage Matters, are available at the Redditch Local History Society web site at:  where you can read it on-line or download it as a pdf by clicking the appropriate icons. *

Our 2018 Exhibition is still on at Forge Mill Needle Museum and is titled ‘History that flows through the River Arrow’. It is on until Sunday 25th November. So, if you have not yet been already, please support the society and make a visit before the 25th.  Opening times are given on the Forge Mill web site.

Our next meeting is on Monday December 17th, 2018 at 2:00pm.  This is the Christmas Social meeting for Society members and their partners and, as always, it will be at the Oasis Christian Centre on the corner of Bromsgrove and Plymouth Roads. Doors open at 1:30pm

Our first meeting for 2019, and our next public meeting, will be on Monday 11th February 2019. We will be publishing our 2019 programme of speakers after our members meeting in December. Please visit after 17th December 2018 for our on-line 2019 programme.

Derek Coombes,

Newsletter Editor

Redditch Local History Society

Meeting held on Monday 12th November 2018

For our meeting on Monday 12th November, at the Oasis Christian Centre, Plymouth Road, we had an attendance of 39 members and 12 visitors, giving an audience for the event of 51.

The meetings presentation was Redditch Memories – Amusing stories read by members from the book by Arthur Newbold where he recounts stories about the town and its characters. It had illustrations by Norman Neasom.

The talk was organised by Pete Harris and the stories read by members of the Society.

Six stories were selected from the book. The shorter ones were read complete, the longer ones abridged. In running order: George Russel the carter was read by Chris Jackson, the disaster of the ‘night soil’ cart on Mount Pleasant was read by John Newey, Emma’s crisis at Callow Hill was read by Dianne Martin, Eric a big chap was read by Don Vincent, Boasters, or telling tall tales, was read by Dave Spyer and the goings on at the Unicorn ‘Tap’ entitled Saturday night at the Movies read by Graham Smith.

Illustrations from the book corresponding to the different stories were shown on the display screens.

This was a presentation quite different from our normal ‘fare’ and we were not quite sure how it would go. In reality there was nothing to worry about as it was well received by the audience and brought back many memories of the town.

It was followed by tea/coffee and biscuits in the adjoining room.

The next meeting, and last meeting of the year, is on Monday December 17th beginning at 2.00 p.m. and is at the Oasis Christian Centre. This is our Christmas Social for members. We will have mince pies and fancy biscuits at the event and drinks will be tea and coffee. The meeting will take place in its entirety in the Reeves Room (the refreshments room). Members can bring a partner/friend.

At the meeting we have:

  • The new 2019 meetings brochure will be distributed with short presentations by those speakers who are at the meeting.
  • More details on next year’s Forge Mill Exhibition ‘Redditch Memories’ and how members who wish to contribute can be involved.
  • Films/slide show provided by Derek.


Anthony Green – Secretary     13 November 2018