December Edition of Redditch History Matters

The latest edition, and the final one for 2018, of our newsletter ‘Redditch History Matters’ is now available and can be found at

Of particular importance is our Forge Mill Exhibition for 2019 which is entitled “My Redditch Memories”.  We all have memories from our past. You may have been born and brought up in Redditch and have memories of your school days; your first job; what you did in your spare time; where you went shopping; a sport you played or a team you supported and probably many more topics.

You may have come to Redditch with your parents; to start a new job, or to move near your family or perhaps to retire here and you too have memories of Redditch.

You do not have to be a member of the Society to contribute. This is planned as a ‘living history’ exhibition of the town with collected stories about people and events in the town from a wide range of residents. We plan to make this a true snapshot of the town to create an important archive.

You can read more on how to contribute at

In view of the interest we have found on Facebook concerning pictures which we are finding difficult to identify, Derek has decided to add a regular “Where’s This” feature to the Newsletter starting in 2019. We look forward to your support.

Christmas Social meeting on Monday 17th December 2018

We had an enjoyable Christmas Social meeting for members and friends at the Oasis Christian Centre, Plymouth Road on Monday 17th December 2018 to finish our 2018 season.

We began the meeting with a slide show by Derek of pictures from the Geoff Holmes collection which was donated to the Society in 2012.

What was unusual about this sequence of pictures was that we have not been able to identify where they were and were looking for help from the members. This was very entertaining and a number of pictures were identified.

However, some were very difficult but some, such as the picture seen here, looked easy but could not be identified. So, if you have any ideas, please let us know.

We then followed the presentation with refreshments which, of course, involved a good supply of mince pies and fancy biscuits.

After the refreshments Don and Tony gave an overview of the new 2019 meetings brochure and it was distributed to members. The details of our 2019 programme are now on our website at where you can also download a pdf version. We plan that leaflets will also be available at the Palace Theatre, Redditch Library and Forge Mill Needle Museum.

Derek then gave details on next year’s Forge Mill Exhibition ‘My Redditch Memories’ and how members can be involved. The memories can be from any period and all we ask is that you write down one or more of your memories for us to include in the exhibition. They can be sent in many different formats and more details can be found at Production of the posters for the exhibition from the supplied material will be produced by the Society and the result will be an important archive for the history of the town.

During the meeting we had a raffle for some Redditch history books (organised by Pete, but as he was not able to be there, run by Don) which raised £35. To this was added a donation from Derek of £35 for a talk he gave to a local group which allowed us to donate £70 to the Christmas appeal of the  local charity Acts of Kindness of which the Oasis Christian Centre is a major partner.

So that’s it for 2018. We have, as always, no meeting in January and so our next meeting is on February 11th, 2019 and is ‘Family History taking good ideas from one another’ given by John Cartmell at the Oasis Christian Centre beginning at 2.00pm.

Anthony Green – Secretary     18 December 2018