June 2021 Newsletter

The June edition of our monthly newsletter is now available.

This is, again, an 8-page edition with, we hope, some interesting articles and updates and the date when we plan to restart our meetings.

We also have, ‘fingers crossed’, our programme of speakers from our reopening date (9th August) to the end of the year and a summary of our Management Committee meeting.

You will find it at http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/newsletters/2021_3_3_June_Newsletter.pdf

This is a pdf file of about 1 MB but should not be a problem if you are viewing it with the pdf reader in your web browser.

A link to the current newsletters and to an archive of the earlier version can be found at the Newsletter tab of our website .

We will be producing our next Newsletter in July and we hope that will be the last of our ‘lockdown’ editions.

However, there are no plans at this time to stop producing the 8-page edition if there is the material to fill it. So, if you are willing to write a short article for the Newsletter, whether it is the history of the area or general views on history, I will be happy to receive it.

Take care and stay safe.

Anthony Green

Secretary, Redditch History Society

e-mail: anthony.green@rhs2020.org.uk

Next meeting – Monday 10th February 2020

After our break in January, we begin 2020 with our first meeting on Monday 10th February.

The presentation is by the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service and will be given by given by a Paul Hudson, the Learning & Outreach Manager. It is entitled ‘Stories from the Archives’ and is an introduction into the wide variety of historical sources they hold, and the stories they contain and tell, about the people and places in the local region. If you ever wondered what there is at the Hive which is of interest to the history of the local area, then this is an ideal opportunity to find out.

We are now looking at our programme for 2021 and, as always, we would like to have a mix of outside speakers and members, ideally 4 of each, as well as our member’s reading of local memories, short films after the AGM and our Christmas event (11 meetings). The listing of our 2020 meetings can be found on our meetings page http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/meetings.htm and we have copies of our leaflet available at our meetings and various outlets.

If you are interested in being involved as a speaker or reader, or if you have recommendations for outside speakers, please contact me at anthony.green@RLHS.org.uk. The Society is very willing to support members who have local knowledge and wish to give a talk and will give help in producing a presentation.

Our 2020 exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch is entitled ‘ 75 tears ago: the end of WW2’ and details of the exhibition can be found on our exhibition poster which can be downloaded from our activities page http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/activities.htm

This year, we did not really look at ideas for the 2020 exhibition until the end of 2019, so it was all rather a rush. However, we believe we have an excellent subject with opportunities for members to be involved. So, we aim to begin this process much earlier this year to find a suitable topic for our exhibition in 2021, and possibly 2022. In choosing a topic it is important to have a subject where we know we will have enough material to produce a satisfactory exhibition.

Anthony Green

Secretary, Redditch Local History Society

e-mail: anthony.green@RLHS.org.uk

web: www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk

Our Programme of Meetings for 2020

We have now issued our programme of meetings at the Oasis Christian Centre, Plymouth Road for 2020.

We have our usual mix of local history talks from outside speakers and members, 4 of each, as well as member’s reading of local memories based on this year’s very successful exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum, short local history films after the AGM and our Christmas event. This is 11 meetings running from February to December.

We meet on the second Monday of the month, except the April AGM which is on the third Monday due to the date of Easter Monday in 2020. Meetings begin at 2.00 pm and last for approximately 2 hours, it begins with a presentation, which lasts about one hour, and this is followed by refreshments and an opportunity for discussion.

As a history society we believe it is important to have a good involvement from members and we are pleased that we are able to do this.

The leaflet will be available at all our meetings and, in the New Year, outlets such as the Palace Theatre, Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch Library and other locations.

It can also be viewed at http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/meetings.htm and downloaded in pdf format from our website at http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/index_htm_files/programme_2020.pdf

We will now begin to look at our programme for 2021.

We aim for a mix of local history talks from outside speakers and members, ideally 4 of each, as well as a presentation where member’s read narratives from our local history, short history films after the AGM in April and our Christmas event.   If you have ideas for our programme, please feel free to contact me.

This is probably my last post for 2019, so have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Anthony Green

Secretary, Redditch Local History Society

e-mail: anthony.green@RLHS.org,uk