January Newsletter Update

At the beginning of our meetings, we normally have a few notices which we feel will be of interest to members. Obviously, this is currently not possible, so I have produced a ‘quick’ newsletter with current information, questions etc.

You will find it at


This is a pdf file, which due to the images (even though they are reduced in size) of about 1.5 MB but should not be a problem if you are viewing it with the pdf reader in your web browser.

A link to the current newsletters and to an archive of the earlier version can be found at: http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/newsletter.htm   (link to Redditch History Society Website)

We are planning to produce a more extensive Newsletter towards the end of February and, hopefully, it will be a little clearer on how 2021 is progressing.

Take care and stay safe.

Anthony Green

Secretary, Redditch History Society

e-mail: anthony.green@rhs2020.org.uk


November Newsletter

When we were unable to have our Annual General Meeting in April due to the lockdown, we assumed that we would have it later in the year.

Soon, it became clear that we would not be meeting again in 2020 and we would not be able to have our annual AGM.

However, our constitution demands that ‘The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society must be held every year, with at least 14 days’ notice given to all members’.

In addition, Derek Coombes has advanced with   archive storage and has established the Redditch Local History Museum (RLHM) to campaign for, create and operate a museum in the town.

We, the Executive Committee, therefore decided to have an AGM for 2020 which would allow us to conform to our requirement for an annual AGM.

This has taken the form of an online Proxy survey, similar to those which are used by organisations such as Building Societies, Charities and Professional Bodies, where members are unable to attend the AGM.

Members who were not on internet were supplied with a postal vote.

All the results, plus more, can be found in this special issue of the Newsletter which you can download at……


(this is a web optimized pdf file of about 800 KB)

And a link to the current newsletters and to an archive of the earlier version can be found at: http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/newsletter.htm (link to Redditch History Society Website)

Anthony Green, Secretary, Redditch History Society

e-mail: ag@redditchhistorysociety.org.uk

Summer edition of our newsletter

When we originally cancelled our April 2020 AGM meeting, I had planned to produce a monthly newsletter.

However, the situation became much more serious than we imagined at the time, and it has not been possible to give clarity regarding our next move.

The Executive Committee has now agreed that we will resume our meetings at the Annual General Meeting in April 2021.

I have therefore produced a Summer edition of our newsletter and it is now available and can be downloaded at:

Newsletter Summer 2020  (web optimized pdf file of less than 400 KB)

A link to the current newsletters and to an archive of the earlier version can be found at: RLHS Newsletter  (link to Redditch History Society Website)

The current situation regarding our monthly meetings at the Oasis Christian Centre, along with our other activities, is unclear and I will give a further update in a newsletter in the Autumn.

Anthony Green, Society Secretary.


Meetings Programme Update 17th March 2030

In view of the current Coronavirus situation and minimising risks to members and visitors, we are amending our current programme for this year, 2020.

The meetings on April 20th and May 11th are cancelled.

The situation beyond that is unclear. We believe that having an AGM is important, so, at the moment our programme will be:

  • June 8th AGM
  • July 13th Nick Houghton – The Where Next Association
  • August 10th Pete Harris – Tracing my Family History

From September the programme is as our published programme and the website has been updated accordingly.

Please accept that we are working against current information and it is quite possible that this may be amended. However, we think that it is important that the first meeting after the closure should be the AGM.

Please be assured that our priority is our members and we will not be resuming our programme until the situation is secure.

We will keep everyone updated of all changes.

All updates are posted on our website at http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/update.htm   and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RedditchHistorySociety/

Kind Regards

Anthony Green

Secretary, Redditch Local History Society

e-mail: anthony.green@RLHS.org.uk


Next meeting on Monday 9th March

Our next meeting on Monday 9th March is entitled ‘Off to the Workhouse – the poor are always with us’ and is given by Dr Richard Churchley.

Richard is an experienced historian, specialising in areas of Worcestershire, Warwickshire and North Gloucestershire and since 2014 has edited the local history magazine “The Feckenham Forester” concerning local history in our local area.

In this talk Richard looks at the problems of looking after the poor from Tudor times to the 20th century using local examples. The local Union workhouses are depicted and discussed. Quotations from Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy also help to paint the picture of what life was like for paupers and for the authorities who had to look after them.

The listing of our 2020 meetings can be found on our meetings page http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/meetings.htm  and we have copies of our leaflet available at our meetings and various outlets.

Our 2020 exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch is entitled ‘ 75 tears ago: the end of WW2’ and details of the exhibition can be found on our exhibition poster which can be downloaded from our activities page http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/activities.htm

Look forward to seeing you at our March meeting.

Anthony Green

Secretary, Redditch Local History Society

e-mail: anthony.green@RLHS.org.uk

web: www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk

Next Meeting May 14th….

Our next meeting is on Monday May 14th and begins at 2.00 pm, lasting for approximately 2 hours. The meeting begins with Society notices followed by the May presentation ‘English and Local Coinage’ by Phil Griffiths. This is followed by refreshments and Society business, event and project news.
The venue for all our meetings is the Oasis Christian Centre, 4 Plymouth Road, Redditch, B974QB (on the corner of Plymouth Road/Bromsgrove Road).
Our 2018 speaker programme is available for download from the website and a printed version is available at our meetings and various outlets.
Non-members are welcome to our meetings and will be charged £3 entrance which is refundable against the membership fee if joining on the day.
Membership is only £15 per year per member (£7.50 if joining after October) and that covers entry to all our monthly meetings, including the December Christmas Social.
Membership runs from the April AGM to the end of March.