Meeting held on Monday 10th September 2018

For our meeting on Monday 10th September at the Oasis Christian Centre, Plymouth Road, we had an attendance of 36 members and 6 visitors, giving an audience for the event of 42.

Today’s presentation was ‘The Growth of the Christian Church in Redditch in the 19th Century’ given by one of our longstanding members, Gil Barlow.

Gil began with the importance of Bordesley Abbey and St Stephens Gatehouse Chapel and how this became the principle place of worship for the residents of the local area until 1805.
He then expanded on to the phenominal increase in non-conformist, typically Methodist, churches which were typical of industrial towns in the 19th Century.
Gil gave us many fascinating details on the differing groups involved within the Methodist church and the many local figures who were involved in their development. His presentation was well illustrated by his personal photographs and archive images.
This was the first time that Gil had given a PowerPoint presentation, but that was by no means obvious, and was very informative and fascinating introduction to this aspect of our towns history. It was much appreciated by the audience and promted many questions.

The talk was followed by tea/coffee and biscuits in the adjoining room.
Present at the meeting was Terry Meinke, the Avery Needle Case enthusiast from the USA. At the coffee meeting she was able to make a request to members for information related to her current research visit to Redditch.

• Saturday 15th September 12-4pm Redditch Bandstand – Community Festival.
• Saturday 22nd September is the Moons Moat Conservation Group Community Fun Day. Support from members to man the stand would be appreciated.
• We have been invited to attend this year’s Headless Cross Apple Day on Saturday 6th October. Again, support from members to man the stand would be appreciated.
• Our exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum is ‘History that flows through the River Arrow’ and runs from Wednesday 24th October until Sunday 25th November.

The next meeting’s is on Monday October 8th beginning at 2.00 p.m. and is at the Oasis Christian Centre. The presentation is ‘An Eye on Needle Making’ given by David Morgan.

Anthony Green – Secretary 11th September 2018