Mobile Version of Website

Apologies to anyone who uses a mobile phone to visit the Redditch Local History Society website

I was contacted recently with a problem that the website was still showing the information for 2019 and not 2020.

I was a bit confused as I updated the site immediately after our December 2019 meeting. However, as the enquirer was interested in next year’s programme, I gave them a direct link to the leaflet which met their immediate need.

Yesterday, I suddenly realised that although I had fully updated the website for ‘large screen’ computers, i.e. tablets and above, in December, I had not updated the website for the small screen, mobile phone, version. This occurred because the software I use, although it makes it ‘easy’ to create a ‘phone version, does not do this automatically and so I, effectively, have to maintain two versions of the site.

I have now made this update and all users should see the latest information.

I am always happy to receive comments concerning the site and I am always ready to respond.

Anthony Green

Secretary, Redditch Local History Society