November Newsletter

When we were unable to have our Annual General Meeting in April due to the lockdown, we assumed that we would have it later in the year.

Soon, it became clear that we would not be meeting again in 2020 and we would not be able to have our annual AGM.

However, our constitution demands that ‘The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society must be held every year, with at least 14 days’ notice given to all members’.

In addition, Derek Coombes has advanced with   archive storage and has established the Redditch Local History Museum (RLHM) to campaign for, create and operate a museum in the town.

We, the Executive Committee, therefore decided to have an AGM for 2020 which would allow us to conform to our requirement for an annual AGM.

This has taken the form of an online Proxy survey, similar to those which are used by organisations such as Building Societies, Charities and Professional Bodies, where members are unable to attend the AGM.

Members who were not on internet were supplied with a postal vote.

All the results, plus more, can be found in this special issue of the Newsletter which you can download at……

(this is a web optimized pdf file of about 800 KB)

And a link to the current newsletters and to an archive of the earlier version can be found at: (link to Redditch History Society Website)

Anthony Green, Secretary, Redditch History Society