RLHS Newsletter February 2020

The latest edition of our newsletter is now available and can be downloaded at:

http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/newsletters/2020_2_11_February_Newsletter.pdf  (web optimized pdf file of about 300 KB)

A link to the current newsletters and to an archive of the earlier version can be found at: http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/newsletter.htm  (link to Redditch History Society Website)

Our next Meeting at the Oasis Christian Centre is on Monday 9th March 2020 and is ‘Off to the Workhouse – the poor are always with us’ by Dr Richard Churchley, a Local and Family Historian.

You can view the programme of all our 2020 meetings at  http://www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/meetings.htm  and you can also download a pdf copy from the same page.

Anthony Green

Secretary, Redditch Local History Society